This is such a beautiful book and the last one that she has done well in my opinion. Nigella spent some time working in Italy as a chamber maid in her youth and fell in love with Italian food. She brings her memories, recipes, and inspiration to this cookbook.


The book has lots of pictures which I like, as well she tells some stories with the recipes which is nice. I also like that she gives you some info on Italian ingredients like Vermouth, Marsala, different types of pasta, and how to cook pasta.

The book is also just really pretty overall; the design, colours, pictures, even Nigella posing as the goddess she is with a bowl of olives on the cover. This definitely could be a coffee table book.


Some of the recipes are complex and some are simple. I love her raw and baked pastas. I started making raw pastas like my Spinach Pesto Pasta after trying her Sicilian Pasta with Tomatoes Garilc & Almonds. Her baked cheesy pastas are all kinds of right like her Gnocchi Gratin.

Her techniques and methods are easily transferable as well, which is nice because I feel like I’ve learned something and can apply it to my own cooking. Nigella loves liquorice and has a recipe in here for liquorice pudding. I hate liquorice, but the pudding looked so good. I was able to translate the recipe into a salted butterscotch pudding which was awesome!

My favourites from this book are her Squid Spaghetti, Sardinian Couscous with Clams, Farro Risotto with Mushrooms, Gnocchi Gratin, and Italian Christmas Pudding Cake.


I think what I took away the most from this book was trying to make something that was familiar, different by changing a few things.

After reading this book… followed by a trip to Italy, I really got into trying different types and shapes of pasta and cooking with different types of seafood.

Nigella’s inspirations from her days in Italy became mine too.

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