This is my favourite cookbook from Jamie Oliver. I own a bunch of his books; but this one by far is the one I use the most.


I love the layout of this book. I’m really big on pictures so I can see what the dish should look like. You open it and the recipe is on the left with pictures of the 5 ingredients and on the right is a full page picture of the finished dish. It’s a clean look and easy to follow. And the sweetest thing is he dedicated it to his 5 children with cute pictures of them in the same format as the ingredients – hence he calls them his 5 favourite ingredients.


The recipes have only 5 ingredients with basic kitchen staples like olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. The recipes are good and easy to follow. It’s nice that it really is only 5 ingredients, so for people who are not into cooking but want to make quick and easy meals that are good, this is the book to help you with that.

I’ve tried a lot of these recipes. My favourites are the Sorta salmon nicoise, Smoky mushroom frittata, Chicken pot pie, Ginger shakin’ beef, and the Almond puff pastry.


Overall, I think this is an excellent cookbook and am glad to have it in my library. I recommend it for anyone who wants to make simple but delicious meals that are quick to prep and easy to make.

He also had a cooking show and many YouTube videos that show him making these dishes.

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