When I was in Vienna, I went to Figlmuller for dinner. They are known for their schnitzel that they do with pork rather than veal. I was by myself, so as I sat at this quaint friendly restaurant waiting for my meal, I noticed they had a cookbook. I asked if I could look at it and they gave me an English version to browse through. The cookbook comes in English and German.

I really like Austrian food and they had all the famous dishes in here. I wanted to make and eat every recipe. I did end up eating the Figlmuller Schnitzel, but through my travels from Vienna to Salzburg, I also tasted kaiserschmarrn, apple strudel, spinatknödel and goulash.

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My dinner that evening


Pictures, pictures, pictures! I love the layout of this book. I’m really big on pictures so I can see what the dish should look like. But this book goes beyond that, as the instructions are in picture format as well.


I couldn’t help myself, I had to try these recipes. Especially the Salzburger Nockerln. A lovely dessert that has meringues nestled on top of a sweet cream with lingonberries. The meringues are shaped to look like the Alps and then topped with powdered sugar. This is a minimum two person dish, so when I was in Salzburg I never ordered it. But behind closed doors I can be greedy and eat the whole thing.

I’ve tried a lot of these recipes. My favourites are the beef goulash, the schnitzel of course, and the Salzbuger Nockerln.

These are easy to make and the recipes are easy to follow. I also like that it is a collection of traditional Austrian recipes, not to mention all my favourites in one book. The Authors who own the restaurant have put their family recipes in here as well.


This is definitely one of my favorite cookbook. Not only does it remind me of my travels to Austria, but of all the wonderful food I tried and can now recreate at home.