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Here are my tips for making this cake.

  • Go to a cheese monger and per-order your cheese. Make sure it’s something you like. Taste the cheeses before you buy. Make the base – the biggest wheel a mild one, like cheddar, the middle can be anything from a blue cheese to something unique, and the top a soft goat cheese.
  • Check the sizes!!! Buy three wheels or more if you want a bigger cake, but make sure they are tiered. If they are all the same size or close it won’t look great.
  • You’re buying a lot of cheese, so bargain with your cheese monger. This cake cost around $200. Also the top tier (goat cheese), buy 2. They are small and will get finished quickly.
  • Flowers: Buy 1 bouquet that is the same colour scheme as your wedding or event, and 1 bouquet of baby’s breath. Don’t throw out the leaves, they are beautiful accents to this cake.
  • Start in the middle. Do the baby’s breath first. Then slowly build around the cake.
  • Make labels so your guests know what cheeses you chose.
  • Place it on a cake platter so it looks like a cake.
  • And finally, have a few bowls on the table for when the flowers are removed. Flowers are not edible.


Flowers aren’t your thing? You can use fruits and herbs. I did one where I used figs and grapes with rosemary. Not only did it look beautiful, it smells great.