This little bakery at the foot of the Fortress uses traditional 15th century methods for baking their bread. Using water coming from a canal built in 1136, it brings water down from the fortress hill to a water wheel. This was used to mill flour. In 2007 a new mill wheel was installed to produce electricity. They make sourdough bread, rye, and brioche.

I was told that when looking for this bakery, you will first hear it, then smell it. I heard the running water and followed the sound, then soon came the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread. Their brioche and small buns are only 1€ and make for a nice breakfast or snack while walking around.


Go here for lunch on the day that you are seeing the Fortress. It’s on the way and has both a menu, and cafeteria style dining. If the weather is nice, eat on their patio which has a beautiful view.

Also, leave room for dessert! They have all the traditional Austrian desserts which are delicious.


When I was visiting Austria, I had coffee and cake for breakfast every morning. How could I resist? They do it so well. This is a famous café that is close to everything, so there can be line ups. I went for breakfast before the crowds start. You order your drink from the waiter – go for the melange (Austrian cappuccino) and then the Cake Lady comes by with all the beautiful cakes they have to offer and you pick and pay. I went for the walnut cake, my favourite.

It is also said that Mozart used to hang out here.