I recently started juicing and this is my favourite. I hate cucumbers and it seems every green juice on the market has this gag-worthy vegetable in it. Yes, I know my repulsion to cucumbers is bordering crazy since I tell everyone I’m allergic to them. But I really don’t like them. However, they do have a huge water content and are full of nutrients which is why they seem to be a staple in green juices everywhere. If you share my aversion to cucumbers but want a really great green juice, try this, you’ll love it.

1 bunch of Kale
3 golden delicious apples
1 knob of ginger
2 stalks of celery
1 lemon

You do need a juicer for this. Place all of the above in a juicer and enjoy. I like it over ice, and drink it right away. It makes 32oz of juice.

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