The first time I had frozen berries with white hot chocolate was in NYC with my Swedish friends. It was New Years Eve and we were at this Swedish restaurant. When they told me it’s berries and white chocolate I wasn’t overly impressed. But then came out this huge platter with berries drowned in a white chocolate sauce. I took one bite and was hooked. The hot, the cold, the sweet, the tart. I love contrasting elements and this had it.

Years later, Nigella did a drunken version of this dessert using limoncello. I, of course had to try it, and I think it was better with the liquor. It was just like I remembered from that new years eve night with an added lemony burst that was intensified from the alcohol. My friend and I polished off the whole plate.

Half a bag of berries each? Well that’s not too bad. We got our antioxidants in that evening, but these berries are drenched in a rich creamy white chocolate sauce, which makes it decadent and something you would indulge in on occasion. My everyday version uses less sauce but is just as good. The sauce is drizzled on top covering every berry so you still get that desired hot-cold bite but with less calories.

And like Nigella, I decided to make them boozy. So as a nod to my Canadian heritage, I used ice wine. This sweet dessert wine is made with frozen grapes and is perfect with the white chocolate.

1/2c. heavy cream
3 tbsp. ice wine
1/2c. white chocolate chips
1 bag (600g) of frozen berries

Put the heavy cream into a small pot and heat it until it just comes to a boil, but not actually boiling.

Take the pot off the heat and add the white chocolate, then swirl until chocolate is melted and is a smooth sauce. Add 2 tbsp. of ice wine and stir.

Take the berries out of the freezer and arrange them on a dish or plate. Drizzle the remaining ice wine.

Pour the white chocolate sauce evenly over the berries.

Serve immediately.

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